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CAD DWG Drawing Protector 8.0

CAD DWG Drawing Protector 8.0: Encrypt and protect AutoCAD DWG,DXF, HPGL, SVG files. encryption tool, you can encrypt various types of drawing files, prevent copying, prevent editing, prevent printing, prevent converting, prevent print screen, prevent save as. The encrypted drawing files can only be opened after obtaining the Opening Password provided by you. You can encrypt your drawing files binding to one computer. You can choose encryption mode : [ Non-binding ] -- All computer,One password. (Use "Create Opening Password" function

VIP Files Protector 1.2: Encrypt, shred and hide your files with algorithms used in DOD and CIA
VIP Files Protector 1.2

encrypts and decrypts files in one click with 18 encryption algorithms and other effective means in order to ensure that no one but you will have access to files, folders or drives with personal information. Besides you can simply hide files, folders or even disks from Explorer and no one except you will see them. You can also shred files with 11 strong failproof algorithms to make certain that nobody can restore previously deleted files. VIP Files

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Fast File Splitter 3.4

Fast File Splitter (FFS) is a tool to split large files into smaller files so that they can be put on floppies or sent by email. Customizable file size or number of files to generate. Can create a self merging file. Can encrypt split files. Can use blowfish algorithm to securely encrypt files. Ability to specify a custom icon for the sfx generated. Ability to specify a license and/or comment text for the sfx generated.

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PalmTree 4.0: Password protect lock hide encryption folders BLOWFISH CryptAPI files documents.
PalmTree 4.0

files or documents on your PC. Encrypt files with BLOWFISH, CryptAPI. Hide messages in photograph. Stealth email. Encrypt password files and bank. Prevent unauthorised access by other computer users, friends, family,co-workers. Ban intruders. Guard against access without permission. No encryption. Full version has enhanced security features and multiple folder locking and free minor version updates. Easy to use self explanatory freeware. Steganography

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Encryption And Decryption Pro 2.0: Encrypt text, encrypt emails, encrypt files. Text and file encryption software
Encryption And Decryption Pro 2.0

Encryption and Decryption Pro allows you to encrypt and decrypt files of any type stored on hard drives, flash drives, etc. Unlike many other encryption programs, Encryption and Decryption Pro provides the `Multiple encryption` option. For more security, you can use up to 10 passes to encrypt your data. etc. The Quick encryption helps you encrypt sensitive data in seconds - just set a default password and encrypt and decrypt your data on fly using

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SWF Encrypter Advanced Tool 9.0: Encrypt SWF files:Prevent decompile,Prevent screen record,Prevent copy
SWF Encrypter Advanced Tool 9.0

Encrypt SWF files:Prevent decompile,Prevent screen record,Prevent crack,Prevent copy. 2.Encrypt SWF files into exe format that can only be played after obtaining the Play Password provided by you. 3.Add progress bar for your swf files,so that you can drag play during playback. 4.Add Full-screen shortcuts `Ctrl+F`,you can Full-screen playback . 5.When a user wants to play an encrypted file, the encrypted file will pop up a dialog box to request the

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Gili File Lock Pro 4.1.3: Protect or encrypt files, folders and drives in an easy and reliable way.
Gili File Lock Pro 4.1.3

files/folders/drives are protected from accessing, users can not open, read, modify, move, delete, copy, rename the protected files/folders without password. Files and sub-folders in a locked folder are also protected. Encrypt Data : It can encrypt individual files and folders. Portable Encryption : It packs and encrypts a folder into an executable (.exe file) with AES encryption algorithm. You can encrypt important data by this method, and then

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